Sunday, 28 July 2013

Canadian Canoeing and Camping

Oh yeah what GREAT fun....

Like a lot of things that I do in life just on a whim or impulse I did again and went and bought a Canadian style canoe. The last impulse, on the spur of the moment purchase was a caravan, to which I have really grown fond of.

 Ok, for a blog that was initially really about wild camping using a nice really comfy caravan does seem a little of a cheat. But during the winter, and through really hot muggy days it is a real bonus.

We tend to use the caravan as a base camp and return to it if the weather turns really bad and cold or even too hot. Besides the shower and cooker are brilliant ;) lol.

Above you can see the fantastic little tent that has really proved it's worth in the wildest and wettest of conditions, and the caravan which has yet to show it's real worth. But already the Van has added that touch of comfort that I am starting to appreciate as I get that little older.


Yes you can argue that it is my own stupid fault you shouldn't go and buy such things. But when they are looking at you on eBay and your mind wonders to the pioneers of the wild west canoeing up and down vast expanses of rivers and lakes, wild camping as they went trapping all the furs they needed to make a living. What can you do?

So I bought a Canadian look alike open canoe, and you know what? I love it already.

As you can see it is a two seater (should I need them) but mainly it has loads of room for stowing the camping gear.

So the plan is to firstly learn a lot more about canoeing and all the do's and don'ts that are always not obvious to the beginner.

Well, I do say beginner but I do live on a boat so very used to water life, I also had canoe lesson many many moons ago when in the sea cadets as a child. I have got a lot more stupid since then.

Wild camping and wild canoeing is the long goal task and it really does seem very appealing. However I live in central England, not the wild west of USA. So the big question is, can I just jump on a river and of I go? I do have a license for my big boat, do I need license for the canoe?
I believe that I already know that all the farmers and other land owners own the banks of the rivers, so I suppose I need to get permission before I can just come ashore and pitch camp (what a chore).

There must be some great routes where canoeing and wild camping are possible. I have also notice that there are a couple of campsite that I setup just for canoeing and kayaking type people, I must give them a try they seem a great place to learn the ropes.

Of course then there is Canadian style canoeing! You've seem these people that paddle on the same side of the canoe all the time without going round and around in circles. Wahhhoooo I have just learned how to do it, it is brilliant. Although tipping the canoe so far on to one side with the water lapping at the gunnels is an art form I have yet to master.

The weather is set fair for a couple of weeks so of we go, don't laugh, I'll let you know how we get on.

Happy Camping :)