Sunday, 19 August 2012

A 6/7 day wild camp - planning

6/7 day wild camping the thought makes my heart thump, wahooo!

We have three weeks to decide exactly where - We know it will be wild camping in the lake district somewhere, and to get everything ready.

As we have done a fair bit of wild camping we do know the main equipment needed for such an adventure. But will always go through a list that we have prepared. No matter how good you are it is so easy to forget either something essential or the special thing you like to take that makes it all the more enjoyable.

I wont put the list in this post but I will upload as another page, it might be of use to you.

When we start planning a wild camping trip like this the two things that always jump to mind to consider, they are WATER and the WEATHER.

The weather we can do nothing about yet but we know we have the right clothing providing the weather stays within it`s normal parameters for the lake district. However if a couple of days before we are due to go the weather forecast looks bad, we stop ans take a re-think.

This might mean a complete cancellation or looking for somewhere else where the outlook is far better and safer. The odd day of rain, fog, mist, gales and freezing nights is fine, but 6 days of blizzard would spoil things a little. Always plan with safety in mind.

If you have good shelter, and the right clothing that you should you need for the trip, the most important thing to consider is drinking water. Especially if the weather is going to be hot and sticky.

But even in lovely mild, cloud covered Sky's, water is a real MUST when you are out hiking. Try and go one day without water and you will be in trouble. Yes we can go three days, and some people even longer, they make the headlines as miracles and wonders etc.

So always plan your trip so that you ALWAYS have good water to drink and cook with.

FOOD! Yes it is true we can go quite a while without food, however you do feel really rubbish and weak way before you die, lol. So food is a good thing to have also.

The main worry we always have is weight. If you are out in the wilds for 6/7 days you will find that you need a LOT of food to carry.

Our answer ?

We cut loads of vegetables into nice small slices/chunks and blanch or part boil for a few minutes. Drain and and allow them to completely dry of excess water. then place them into your drier (see ours here). Then dry them according to your driers instructions.

You will be amazed how so much veg can weigh so little and take up so little room. Of course we do the same with other produce too like mushroom, chicken chunks, small pieces of beef and various fruits.

Then while boiling water for very cheap packets of flavoured noodles pop in some dried meat and veg and you have a great tasting and nutritious meal.
What do we cook on? The ever faithful Trangia, we wouldn't go anywhere without it. See here.

So while we get on and plan our drop off point and our route to make sure that we have water, and while we get all the died food ready. We'll post this blog and start checking through our check list, and make sure we have the right maps etc.

The first decision is made already.

As I was looking for likely place that fit our need I noticed the pub called the WoolPack Inn. Located by the river Esk, Eskdale. So then searching the Internet I easily found their website and dropped them a little email asking if they knew of somewhere that we could camp (start our trek from). I received a lovely reply stating that hey have a Field we can use and that there is a campsite near by to if we would prefer.

Looking further at their website we soon noticed that they have a restaurant with a great choice of menus. Not what you would call “wild camping”, but coupled with the friendly reply it was an easy choice

Furthermore the hiking from here looks fantastic, plenty of streams for fresh water, and the temptation of Scafell pike. We have never been ones climbing the highest, or walking the longest. We are more the “wow, look at that” type of people. Walk slowly with our heads up taking the beauty of it all the way in, and keeping it there. Fantastic, cant wait.

See you soon :) .......


  1. Hey all the best.. let us know how the trip was.. where you camped.. which route you took etc..

    Always wanted to wild camping in Lake Dist.. but since it was not allowed in England never even tried..


  2. Hi Shyam,

    We will certainly be posting further about the trip, we are already deep into planning. It is true that it is not strictly legal to wild camp without the consent of the landowner. However high up in the lake district and high in the Welsh Mountains, providing you leave a camp as pristine as you found it, cause no disruptions, light no fires and observe all common sense rules, you will be fine.

    Wild Camping in Scotland and Dartmoor is fine :)

  3. Hi,

    I used to go wild camping in my pre-children days. I love your food drier idea! I vividly remember wild camping in Snowdonia one February and waking up and finding all our food and water was frozen.
    I hope you have good luck with the weather, I can't wait to see your updates.


  4. wow another Cat :)

    Oh yes we have had the frozen water a few times, -7 on Kinder Scout one night Brrrr. Hopefully the weather will be better in the lakes..

    BTW the food drier works brilliantly.

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  7. Hi, interesting blog you have. I summise you are Derbyshire folk from the information on your blog? I live not for from Kinder myself.

    I like the idea of dried vegetables and other food items you mentioned in your post. How did your trip to the lakes go? It's an area my wife and I have spent lots of time exploring.


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