Monday, 7 May 2012

Stanage Edge and Bamford

Wanting to explore a new area of the Peak District we came across SwallowHolme campsite in Bamford, near Hathersage. This was a perfect location for many potential walks, allowing us to explore Stanage Edge and is also a reasonable distance from Ladybower Reservoir.

Setting off on the Friday morning we were lucky enough to have a rare spot of sunshine, adding to the feeling of excitement and as usual it wasn't long before we were amongst the rolling green hills of the lower Peak District. Unfortunately the sunshine wasn't to last and most of the weekend saw the refilling of the local rivers and reservoirs but it was a great start nonetheless.

All that rain meant that the river alongside the campsite was rushing past as though it had somewhere better to be. Both the road and railway line run very close to the campsite but neither really bothered us much throughout our stay. In fact we felt incredibly close to nature, choosing a corner pitch near the river and being visited frequently by the robin and other birds. A hungry mother duck with 3 baby ducklings was happy to eat our bread, with Mr Drake chivalrously refusing to accept any.

Saturday the rain let up for a while so we donned waterproofs and headed out in the car for walk. Parking under the shadow of Burbage Rocks we headed up onto the top towards Stanage Edge. The rocks are gritstone and with the strange smoothed rocks and sandy path it felt very similar to The Roaches. The view though was quite different, much wilder and emptier with huge swathes of brown and cream moorland.

After a short while I did feel it was all a bit same-y, unlike The Roaches which constantly changed throughout our walk. The weather didn't give me much time to change this opinion as the wind blew in chilling everything and black clouds raced across the sky towards us. We hunkered down under a rock, feeling slightly Bear Grylls like (despite the emergency poncho and umbrella!) and sat out the storm before returning to the car.

Back at the camp, tragedy had struck. Only 2 ducklings were now following their mother and unfortunately she didn't seem any more worried or adept at looking after them, so it wasn't really a surprise when another was missing on the Sunday. Nonetheless nature seemed rather cruel that weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear that the weather was not good for your walk but I guess that is England for you, I do hope it has not put you off going back again as it really is an area that has a lot to offer.

  2. Yes you are quite right this is England, and I have never seen so much rain over the past couple of months.

    But with the right gear it can add to the excitement of the countryside, still it would be nice to see just a little sunshine :)