Friday, 6 January 2012

Not Hiking? Stay fit and healthy - superfruits and weight loss.

Want to lose weight, feel great, and improve your health when not out hiking?

The thought occurred to me that for the most part, we hiking type folks are relatively fit and healthy. I say for the most part, because during the winter months the hiking miles fall to nearly zero and the pounds/kilos take a steady hike upwards.

And who can resist all the Christmas pud, cakes, cheese, biscuits, meats and other foods of the devil?
So I got out the laptop and clicked around the web page to page looking for some easy way to keep the weight off while still indulging in the culinary delights of the season. Then bam .... with a name like that they must have something to help?

I was very impressed to see that they sell very natural remedies like A Maqui Berry supplement that is a renowned super fruit that is very well known for its super antioxidant properties.  For those of you that don’t know, a fruit like Maqui Berry helps clear the toxins and poisons that gather and accumulate over time in your body. This has the added benefit of allowing you to improve your health and lose weight in a number of ways.
  •   Increase your energy levels 
  • Clear toxins and poisons from your bod 
  • speed up you weight loss.
  • Helps with diets and fitness programs.
This super fruit compares very well with the other well known fruits. Super Foods are given an ORAC LEVEL score. This measures the amount a foods antioxidant performance. The higher the ORAC number the stronger the antioxidant.
See this chart:
You can see from the chart how effective The Ultimate Maqui Berry is an antioxidant, and I thought that Cranberry was the best. Not even close! does seem to offer just that, all that you need to stay fit, lose weight and  feel great. Instead of idling around getting fatter and fatter.  Mind you it is fun ;)

Anyway, I thought I would give it a try and so far, only a few day I think I am really feeling different, livelier and awake with more energy. I suppose it is a bit too early to tell but early signs are promising.


Follow this link to VISIT THE OFFICIAL site and start feeling better!


  1. If you want to lose weight, the things you should do are eat less and exercise more. If you are not interested in sports, a vibration plate is a good fitness equipment which can help you losing weight. Lavadeals has many fitness equipment and they really works if you keep using them.

    1. I totally agree eating less and excersizing more is by far the best way. However eating less of the correct food is more the point. Very often people cut down on certain foods that we need for a good healthy diet.

      Hence taking a superfruit supplement is sometimes a great supplement.

      Happy Hiiking :)