Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hiking to hidden places.

We have taken a slightly different approach over our past few hikes. 

We were concerned that always looking for mountains, wilderness and all the other usual haunts, how many other great places are we missing out on?

So our last couple of outings have taken us to The Malvern’s ( ok they are hills), Eastnor Castle/Dear park near Ledbury lovely places.

Also to Cannock Chase in the Heart of the country, wow what a discovery, miles and miles of forest, woodlands and open heath jam packed with all sorts of wild life. 

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We even bumped into wild deer walking along the same secluded path as us. Look out for pictures and full write-ups coming soon.


As part of our “Discover Britain” walks we came across this structure. 

Go on! show us how knowledgeable you are ....... WHERE IS IT!

NO PRIZES, just the amazing pleasure of rubbing our noses in it by knowing ...ha ha.

Go on ..... 


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