Saturday, 19 March 2011

Boating and Walking - Willington Derbyshire

The sun comes out, I'm at home with no hiking this weekend! What to do ....?

Ah ha! Little Bop!!!!

I have a little fishing boat called Little Bop, one of the loves of my life. I live very close to water, I need to be by water, when the sun glistens across the water I feel a huge glow of a smile rise up through my whole being.

Little Bop has been bobbing gently all through through the freezing winter months, looking all sullen and neglected. Time for a bit of TLC and bring the engine to life :)

A couple of pulls on the starter rope and brrrrrrmmmm away she went ….. no time for preparation or packed lunch, untie the ropes and off we go. The amazing thing is that feeling you get sitting high on a mountain side gazing across a sunlight distant valley is just the same as I get gently tripping down across a lake and river. Total peace.

Turning out of the Marina and heading towards Willington the first thing I noticed is how all the wild life is busy building nests and coupling up ready for the breeding time ahead. New buds on the trees, grass and srping flowers all starting to show new burst of life.

Deciding its time to get out for a walk as slowly drifting down the river is no training for the wild camping and hiking ahead. Tying up to port I'm straight into a local woods, still leafless but showing the miracle signs of coming to life yet again.

The Sun gleaming through the bare branches of the trees makes beautiful mosaic patterns over the forest floor. The tell tale little round clusters strewn around is clear evidence of the very healthy rabbit population in these woods. So much so that the grass is like a well mown lawn, very green, lush and so soft under foot through the constant feeding.

Through the tress, across the water is a local couple of swans preparing the spring home. A robin in a near by tree is singing his little heart out making sure everybody knows he is there.

Wow I so love this feeling of calm, peace and new life bursting forth everywhere you look. Stunning. :)

So looking forward to next weekend up in the Peaks, not sure where yet, but need to start planning now. I great trial run to test out my new home dehydrate food.

This gentle boating slowly drifting along the river has a lot going for it. I am just as close to nature that I would be out wild camping and hiking, BUT it takes just a fraction of the effort, I must not get too used to it, much like everything else in life, all in moderation ;)

Turning back into the marina you notice all the hustle bustle of the wild life in the reeds and rushes, and a huge family of Canada geese grazing on the lush grass.


  1. Do you plan a visit to the Lake District at some point :) It shouldnt be that far, and for a couple of days the drive shouldnt be a problem.
    Or its not good for camping there ?

  2. Hi,

    I think the Lake District has to be on any walker's list. With 214 Wainwrights though, I don't quite know where to start! And that is just climbing the hills.

    Keswick is about 3 1/2 hours in the car from us but for a long weekend now the days are getting lighter the Lake's would be do-able. Think we'll give them a miss Royal Wedding weekend though as I think they might be busy!

    Keep reading and there will definitely be a Lake's post at some point.