Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Coast to Coast Charity Walk - tips needed!

Some friends of hikingblog are about to undertake the Coast to Coast walk for the Save the Children charity. Nathan and Gavin will be setting out from St Bees on the west coast of England on 16th April. They plan to be dipping their tired feet into the North Sea at Robin Hoods Bay on the east coast by May 1st.

Nathan says they were keen to do something for children so choosing Save the Children was an easy decision. The charity works in over 40 countries including Afghanistan, India, Ethiopia and Kenya as well as the UK to prevent famine and child poverty and to fight for childrens' rights.

This will be Nathan's first long distance walk so he would welcome tips from any of you who have done the Coast to Coast or similar walks. Just post a comment on the blog.

Also if anyone would like to donate you can visit their Just Giving page here - http://www.justgiving.com/coast-to-coast-2011

I think it was worth clicking through just to see Nathan modelling with his breakfast of choice in the photos section!

Nathan & Gavin - Good luck! We'll be expecting some updates on how you get on.


  1. Cheers Phil for the support.
    Yes this is my first "Long Distance" walk, I'm so excited but realize that it's going to be physically demanding. I successfully completed the 3 Peaks Challenge which was extremely challenging at that was just 24hours.

    Would appreciate any advice regards to what to take etc. Already had some tips which I'm gonna take on board. Just need to carry on with the training.

  2. Great idea Nathan - have fun on that.

    We are waiting for full story and pictures !

  3. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. The only tip I have is, think weight! It is always a trade off between essential, I'd like to take and weight. Trust me weight is the MOST important.

    Trekkers even drill holes in things to make them lighter, every ounce matters :)

    How will you carry all the beer lol ....

  5. Thanks guys for the support, will be providing pictures and some sort of diary.

    Yeah really need to think about what NOT TO TAKE, looks like i'll be eating packet noodles alot.

  6. The good news is after closing down fora while The White Swan in Danby Wiske has now reopened and this make a great place to take a break after the monotoney of the strecth after Richmond (lots of flat road walking - quite true, but still flat and boring)

    I called in the other day on a bike ride and can report the new people are friendly too.

    Danby Wiske is mucg quiter than Osmotherly also make a great start for the next day because its only a couple of miles before you're up on the NY moors :o) Happy days.

    Good luck to Nathan.


  7. Nathan, sounds like an awesome idea. Been waiting for updates but not seen any...

    How did it go?