Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

I was just having a bit of a Google, as you do when you've got nothing better to do and I came across the MusucBag (also known as SelkBag in the USA).

Now Phil is always tossing and turning in his sleeping bag trying to get comfy and complaining he feels trapped and unable to move, a bit like he is in a coffin. When I saw the MusucBag, I loved it. A sleeping bag with arms and legs, that has all the functionality of a traditional sleeping bag but allows you to move your arms and legs freely. What's more they look really cool, coming in a choice of black, lemon chrome, pink or directoire blue. And not only does the MusucBag look great for sleeping in, but also for wearing in the tent, around the campfire or even at home while watching tv.

Okay, so how does it compare to other sleeping bags?

Well, it weighs between 1.4kg to 2.2kg depending on size so a bit heavier than your average sleeping bag (Hi Gear's Ridgeline 3 weighs 1.6kg).

It has been EN 13537 (industry standard) tested to have the following temperature ratings.

Comfort Temperature: 7°C
Limit Temperature: 2°C
Extreme Temperature: -13°C

Personally for me that means it may not keep me warm enough, as my bag has a limit of -0.2 and I often need my fleece liner to keep me comfortable but everyone sleeps differently.

So, as with most camping gear it really depends on what you are hoping to use it for. If you're a hardcore walker and weight and all year round temperatures are important, probably not one for you. But otherwise, if you're after something fun, comfy and multifunctional I like this a lot.

Oh, one last thing, they are priced a bit like the iPhone – expect to pay extra for its design and uniqueness.


  1. These sleeping bags are so cute and comfy. I find it convenient too because my body would fit exactly on that sleeping bag without feeling uncomfortable. But I'm used to eating before bed so I think I can't eat if I'm gonna use this sleeping bag.

  2. The sleeping bag is perfect for eating in, just watch where the crumbs go ;)