Sunday, 31 October 2010

Our Top 10 Camping Extras

In no particular order, our top 10 little extras we love to take camping with us:

1. Sweeteners
To be honest, I'm not sure if they should be on the list as they pretty much fall into the essentials list. Phil is addicted, at least 4 sweeteners going in every drink, so forget to take them and he is not a happy man. So much so that I've bought an extra set that goes in my pack so I always know where they are!

2. Hot Chocolate
Little sachets that don't take up much space but are a really good pick me up at the end of a hard day walking and good for warming your hands on. Our vote goes to mint chocolate or Malteser.

3. Slippers
Great for wearing in the tent and also for those moments when you need to nip outside but don't want to go to the effort of putting your boots back on.

4. Wind up radio
Puts you back in touch with civilisation when you feel all alone and handy for the weather forecast. Though sometimes all you can get is Welsh or French. Good for a listen as you're falling asleep and charges itself up in the sunlight or with a short session of winding the handle.

5. String
Not the most exciting but very useful. Uses so far: tying wet socks to my backpack to dry them off as I walk; as extra guy ropes used with the walking poles to turn the tent door into a porch area.

6. Hotel toothbrush set
If you're lucky enough to get the occasional overnight stay in a hotel for work, take advantage of it to get some camping goodies. My favourite so far was when I forgot my toothbrush and got given a fantastic mini toothbrush and toothpaste set that took up very little space in my pack.

7. Chorizo sausage
Great as a snack or adds yummy flavour to dried meals. Keeps really well even on a longer trip (well, unless you eat it all!)

8. Spork
Knife, fork and spoon all in one, what more do you need to say? Plus Phil is in love with Spork's sexy curves!

9. Wet wipes
Lovely when you're feeling a bit dirty but short of water.

10. Smartphone
My Samsung Galaxy S does everything... sat nav, camera, compass, weather forecast, e-book reader, addictive Angry Birds app and there for that emergency phone call should you need it. Just gotta watch out for that battery life. Is a solar phone charger worth the backpack space, I wonder?

What are your top things to take camping? Let us know on our forum.

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  1. Slippers on a wild camp! i love it. You're right though. Nipping out of the tent once your in can be a pain in the backside if you've only got your boots.